Citizens of the Metaverse

There is a limitless chance to expand the metaverse since it is as limitless and wide as our imagination allows us to imagine it. In the next 3-5 years, estimations of the metaverse’s market worth vary from $250 to $800 billion USD, depending on its many aspects. Organizations still have an opportunity to get ahead of the wave before it crests, thanks to such huge potential and a set of ready and enthusiastic test subjects as the Metazens.

According to Oliver Wyman Forum, Metazens (Citizens of the Metaverse):

  • Are college educated
  • Dominated by millennials
  • Are mostly urban
  • Dominated by males
  • Risk-taking
  • Are Data-agnostic
  • Are Consumption oriented
  • Exhibit more comfort with the metaverse because they already digitize many aspects of their daily lives and expect to do so more
  • Consider metaverse a place where they will be free to play, have fun, and explore independently
  • Believe that Metaverse has immense potential to improve their efficiency and connect with others
  • Lack creativity in what they expect from the metavese
  • Interested and willing to pay for experiences that involve gaming, socializing, and working
  • Interested in experiences specific to the metaverse, such as virtual events, simulations, and digital objects
  • Willing to pay for metaverse activities that they now get for free online, like socializing, healthcare, and working
  • Invest in cryptocurrencies at three times the rate of the general population, and five times as much in virtual real estate and in NFTs
  • May be placing bets to win big, they consider these investments equal or more valuable than traditional investments like stocks or bonds
  • See the volatility of virtual assets as an opportunity to win big
  • See virtual investments as another arena for them to gamify, replete with risks, winners, and losers
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