Cloud Kitchens – The next big opportunity?

Dark Kitchens / Ghost Kitchens / Cloud Kitchens / Virtual Kitchens are fully equipped kitchens that you can find in most of the restaurants but they don’t have dine-in or takeaway, they run solely for the online delivery services.

The Cloud Kitchens don’t require much upfront cost when compared to a classic dine-in & takeaway restaurant and budding restaurateurs can use this as an opportunity to test out their brand & customer base before opening a premise in a low-risk environment. Thus giving an opportunity to the chefs to concentrate on one objective, to prepare the best food!


  • Savings on infrastructure + Low operation cost
  • Higher margins and competitive pricing
  • Less risk


  • Online only visibility
  • Challenging brand building
  • Less customer interaction

According to a report by LimeTray, 67% of restaurants would prefer opening a cloud-kitchen over a dine-in as their next outlet.

Ref: GoFrugal

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