Priming and the Psychology of Memory

How do you pronounce the letters S-H-O-P?
and What do you do at a green (traffic) light?

Priming is the psychological phenomenon in which the exposure of the stimuli influences the behavior of the individual, without even letting individuals aware that the first thing they listened to or got exposed to, has influenced their behavior or answer.

– Human facial expressions are important social signals in our everyday life. Whenever we see a smiling face or emoji or any other image, it automatically influences our behavior.
– Before starting the new lecture, a teacher set a context. It is to prepare the student’s mind about the topic and to provide the main idea of what they are going to study.
– Whenever we see the image of our role model or a power pose of any of our inspiration, it influences our behavior to act more strongly and motivate us to perform better.

I once had this basket, and it was the best basket in the world. Anywhere I went, I carried the basket with me. Never did I see a basket more beautiful, and never did I see a basket more practical. In fact, there was a time when all I needed was this basket.
But I have a question for you: I have some stuff here, and I really want to store it. Where should I put it in?