Psychology of Colors

The impact that colors make on the human psyche has not only been confirmed by the latest research in this domain but by the ancient philosophy from more than 3 thousand years ago which makes it important for anyone to choose the right set of colors for their surroundings.

Color Makes You Work Better
Colors play a unique role in driving the psychology behind key decisions that a human may make. Selecting the right color for your logo, to make anyone get a psychological manifestation of your product is as important as choosing the right set of employees who may drive the company up the Everest. Employees are no doubt one of the core drivers of any company’s growth but making an employee maintain the right mindset and motivation to make sure they make the hard decision align in the best direction, is something that can be considered as going deeper into the problem. Decorating the office in certain colors has been proven to improve the levels of productivity. However, just one color may not do the trick. The color that may prove to be useful in increasing the efficiency in any way may depend on the type of work that each person does but on the other hand, there are a set of colors that help increase productivity, universally. An office space may best utilize the psychology behind colors, by choosing the right combination of colors.

Understanding the psychology of colors
Research by the University of Hawaii affirms that visual elements that may include Wall art paintings or any such artwork in office may influence employee behaviors, productivity levels, moods and attitudes. Selecting the right color for your office walls may not produce a direct trajectory of sales but it can definitely help to maintain the right mindset and ambiance within the premises.

Some of the best advertising agencies in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, etc. are making use of a vivid set of colors and graffitis to impact a specific set of mindsets among its employees. Office space design in Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and other such cities where large companies mark their presence, makes sure that they understand the direction and domain of a company before they may make any suggestion for the colors and the outlook of any office space.


Wall Street Journal says that colors are being used by big firms as a tool to combat stress within their employees and thus producing a home-like comfort for them which, no doubt, seems to be an ideal case of higher productivity in the long run. According to a study by the University of British Columbia, Red, a high-wavelength color, is active, intense and alarming at times, and it helps in tasks involving recall and the ones that require attention to detail while blue works best for invention and imagination. Meanwhile, yellow is often viewed as the shade of optimism, is energetic and fresh. The selection of any office design color depends largely on the type of work and the personality of people working there.

Red is a very strong color. Noticeable color: caution and warning signs. Powerful emotion of passion, lust, sex, energy, blood and war.

Orange: Fire, fun, warmth and tropical images. It is a fun light color that has appetizing qualities to it.

Yellow: Brightest color to the human eye. Youth, fun, happiness, sunshine and playful feelings. Yellow is often used for children’s toys and clothes.

Green: The color of nature and health. Growth, nature, money, fertility and safety. Relaxing, has healing power.

Blue Loyalty, creativity, strength, wisdom and trust Calming effect. Blue should not be used for food: suppresses the appetite.

Purple: Stability of blue and the energy of red. Mystery, power and luxury. Powerful kings, leaders, wizards and magicians. Purple + gold – wealth and extravagance. Light purple + pink – feminine design; popular among teenage girls. Bright purple + yellow – children’s products.

Black Evil, depressing, scary or even death. Black mail, black list, black hole. Elegance and wealth. Black combined with other colors can have a very strong statement.

White is often associated with being pure, clean, fresh and good. Pure and heavenly: charities, hospitals, doctors and heaven.