YCombinator’s Winter 2020 Batch

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Source: YCombintor

Total selected startups: 197
Involved countries: 32
Female founders: 11.3%

Y Combinator is typically a 2-3 month programme where startup founders get to interact with industry experts as well as other founders and investors while building their business. Some of the themes of W20 batch include:

– Startups revamping traditional industries
– Housing and sustainability
– Healthcare and biotech
– Applications of AI
– Hardware Financial services, including financing and fintech
– Future of Work, including edtech, recruiting, employee benefits, and productivity tools
– Startups serving businesses, including business management software, tech-enabled services, marketing, and supply chain
– Data and developer tools, including tools for non-technical workers
– Consumer, including parenting tools

Relevant word frequency (as per the description of startups by YC):
App: 15
Software: 14
Data: 13
India: 11
Marketplace: 10
Africa: 9
Insurance: 8
Health: 7
Digital: 6
Code: 6
AI: 5

1build 1build helps builders win bids by converting blueprints into material shopping lists and cost estimates with machine intelligence.https://1build.com/
99minutos The fastest shipping for online shoppinghttps://99minutos.com/
Abalone Bio We discover rare antibody drugs others can’thttps://www.abalonebio.com/
Able Jobs Job training app in India for roles in sales, support & marketinghttps://ablejobs.co/
Adla Lets college girls try on clothes at home for free.https://adla.site/
Agnoris Agnoris helps restaurants figure out what to sell, how to price and to how staff efficiently while doing it.http://www.agnoris.com/
Altay Therapeutics Altay develops therapies to treat chronic liver diseaseshttp://www.altaytherapeutics.com/
Alude We offer free software that automates bureaucracy for real-estate brokers in LatAm, and monetize by selling mortgages and insurance to their customers.https://www.alude.com.br/
Apartio We provide short term rentals for business travelers in Latin America.http://www.apartio.com.br/
apitracker We track and monitor the APIs you companies usehttps://apitracker.com/
Ardis AI Building the foundations for Artificial General Intelligence.http://www.ardis.ai/
Art in Res Art in Res is a marketplace that makes fine art affordable to almost anyone. Instead of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars upfront, buy original artwork in 6 to 24 monthly installments.https://artinres.com/
Avion A drone delivery network which is live in Africa delivering medical supplies.http://www.avionuas.com/
Bamboo Bamboo ― Fidelity for the African continent.http://investbamboo.com/
Battlecard Battlecard helps teams organize and practice their playbook.https://battlecard.com/?yc
Belvo Belvo is a financial API platform for Latam that enables any company or developer to access and interpret their end-users’ financial information, through one easy-to-use API.https://belvo.co/
Benepass Benepass is the benefits card for startups and small businesses. We help companies offer tax-advantaged employee benefits and health/wellness perks through a smart debit card and mobile app.http://www.getbenepass.com/
Breathe Well-being A digital weight-loss program to help people prevent or manage chronic lifestyle diseases (like Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes) in a cheaper, convenient and more effective way (think Noom for India).http://www.breathewellbeing.in/
Breezeful A digital mortgage broker. Get the best mortgage, fast.https://breezeful.com/
Brokrete The 1st real-time delivery app marketplace for the concrete industry.http://www.brokrete.com/
BuildBuddy BuildBuddy is a managed Bazel build system — it brings a Google-style dev environment to any company and cuts 30 minute build times → under 4 min.https://buildbuddy.io/
BuildPlane Project automation for commercial construction.http://www.buildplane.com/
Cadence Collect and share team updates without meetingshttp://www.cadencework.com/
Carupi Carupi is a managed P2P marketplace for used cars, very similar to Airbnb, reinventing the archaic experience of things such as Craigslist or car dealers through a transparent, easy and safe platform, similar to what Airbnb did to home rentals.https://www.carupi.com/
Chutney Amazon for the next 300m Indians who are coming online now.http://chutneystore.com/
Cortex Explore, Understand, and Operate your Microserviceshttps://getcortexapp.com/
Cotter One-click passwordless phone number login APIhttps://www.cotter.app/
Cron Cron is a calendar app that puts Google Calendar into Pro Mode. We’re building Cron to be the time-based store of information for professionals and teams.https://cron.app/
CrowdForce Crowdforce is an app that allows any local merchant in Africa, starting with Nigeria to become a bank branch within minuteshttps://crowdforce.io/
Dashworks The Fastest Internal Search For Teamshttp://www.dashworks.ai/
Dataline Access your ad-blocked customer data across all your analytics and marketing tools.https://dataline.io/
Datasaur Behind every ML algorithm are vast amounts of human-labeled training examples. Organizing and labeling such data today is tedious, time-consuming and expensive. Datasaur creates the most intelligent/productive tools for all your data labeling needs.https://datasaur.ai/
Datree Datree helps engineering teams implement development & security policies in Git workflows on every commithttps://datree.io/
Deep Meditate Deep Meditate is an app that helps you de-stress, sleep, and re-energize with personalized meditationshttps://deepmeditate.com/
DeepSource DeepSource finds and fixes issues during code reviews.https://deepsource.io/
ditto Manage the words across your team’s product from design to production.http://dittowords.com/
Dropee Dropee is a SaaS-enabled marketplace that connects brands like Unilever and Nestle with local retailers in South East Asia.https://www.dropee.com/
Dropprint Genomics The better way to run single cell genomicshttp://dropprintgen.com/
Easyplan Money-market account for the 250M middle-income Indians.https://easyplan.in/
Edlyft Edlyft is creating 1 million new computer science college graduates over the next decade. We help college students pass their most challenging CS classes, by offering group tutoring, study groups, and guidance from peers who’ve done it before.http://edlyft.com/
EduRev Exam Preparation App for 200Mn Indian students in the age of 15-23 yearshttp://edurev.in/
ElectroNeek RPA Robotic Process Automation (RPA) of manual processes like taking data from scanned docs to web forms. Banking, insurance, healthcare and startup clients love our visual tools to simplify RPA. Pay only for Dev Tool, run unlimited bot, save $$$.https://electroneek.com/
Equator Therapeutics We are developing a drug to burn calories and increase metabolism without exercise. Our goal is to reverse the growing epidemics of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Our innovative approach targets mitochondria – the powerhouse of the cell.https://equatortherapeutics.com/
Explo Data exploration and analysis without SQLhttps://explo.co/
Eze Eze is a commodities exchange for used smartphones.https://www.ezewholesale.com/
Farm Theory India’s first vegetable delivery service to restaurants with a hackhttp://farmtheory.in/
Felix Biotechnology Felix is focused on accelerating the deployment of novel biotherapeutics targeting urgent microbial challenges in human health and beyond.https://www.felixbt.com/
Flowbot A natural language-driven programming assistant.https://www.getflowbot.com/
Flowdash Quickly build internal tools to track and execute human-in-the-loop workflows.https://flowdash.com/
Fondeadora We want to connect every single Mexican to the financial system, through a bank that lives in your phone.https://fondeadora.com/
Freshpaint Implement marketing and analytics tools without codehttps://freshpaint.io/
GIGI Benefits GIGI sells insurance + savings accounts to 150 million gig workers in India. We set aside a part of each pay check to cover insurance, expenses and retirement. Uber, Flipkart use GIGI to increase worker retention. Endgame: Neo-bank for 150mn Indians!http://www.gigibenefits.com/
GiveAway We help to get rid of the things in your house that are no longer needed without spending any time or money. Our users bid on your items with virtual coins and can often find great products up to 95% off.http://giveaway.mobi/
Glimpse 2 minute, one-on-one, video chats with your friends, and friends of friends.https://joinglimpse.com/
Glisten ERP software for e-commercehttp://glisten.ai/
Global Belly Global Belly is a platform that helps influencers and creators launch their own custom branded products, and monetize their audience. We provide them with all the technology, analytics and operational capabilities they need to make it possible.https://globalbelly.com/
goDutch Group payments product which lets people pay together at any offline or online merchanthttps://godutchpay.in/
Grain Grain transforms the debit card you already have into a credit card by linking it to a line of credit based on your cash flow.https://trygrain.com/
GuruHotel The Shopify for the hotel industry.https://guruhotel.com/
H1 H1 is a global database of every healthcare professional and healthcare organization.https://h1insights.com/
Handl Handl converts any document into structured data through simple API. Powered by the merge of ML/AI + humans-in-the-loop to work in real-time even for the most complicated cases.https://handl.ai/
Healthlane OneMedical for Africa, and profitablehttp://healthlane.co/
HelpNow India’s most reliable Ambulance service. (uber for ambulances)http://www.gethelpnow.in/
Hideout A portfolio of delivery-only restaurant brandshttp://findhideout.com/
HireSweet Find and hire the best passive job candidates.http://www.hiresweet.com/
Homestead Homestead manages & finances the conversion of garages into rental apartments. We’re empowering homeowners to solve California’s housing crisis, offering up to $18,000 of passive income a year while increasing the value of their home at no cost!https://www.homestead.is/
Humanly Humanly automates candidate screening for companies with high applicant volume.https://humanly.io/
HYPHY Hyphy is a marketplace where anyone can sell their original photos and videos to brands.https://hyphy.tv/
Jamiphy TikTok for Musicianshttps://jamiphy.com/
Jenfi Jenfi lends to small businesses in Asia based on revenuehttp://jenfi.com/
Jet Admin No code internal tool builderhttps://jetadmin.io/
Karat http://trykarat.com/
Kosh Turn creditworthy blue-collar workers into micro-lenders for their community in India.https://getkosh.com/
LabGrid LabGrid is supply chain logistics software for biotech.https://www.labgrid.com/
Laserfocus Laserfocus is Superhuman for Salespeople. It’s the fastest way to communicate and close deals in one interface that works on top of any CRM.https://www.laserfocus.io/
Legionfarm Group LegionFarm Group connects gamers with in-game training and assistance from professional playershttps://legionfarm.com/
Linkana Linkana is a Compliance-driven Procurement software for companies in Latin America.https://www.linkana.com/
Logarithm Labs Decision Intelligence for Engineering Teamshttp://www.logarithmlabs.com/
Loop Health Modern & comprehensive health insurance plan for employees in Indiahttp://www.loophealth.com/
Menten AI Menten AI designs protein drugs and enzymes using quantum computing and machine learning.http://menten.ai/
MindsDB MindsDB is an Open-Source AutoML that allows Developers to do machine learning in one line of code.https://www.mindsdb.com/
Mistro Benefits + perks for distributed teamshttps://mistro.io/
Modern Village http://www.modernvillage.com/
Morphle Microscopy automation hardware + image analysis software for IHC biomarkershttp://morphle.in/
Motion Chrome extension to prevent distractions at workhttps://www.inmotion.app/
Multiverse Multiverse is a web-based game creation system inspired by Dungeons & Dragons and Roblox with a marketplace for assets from A-list creators. Check out our twitter for videos: https://twitter.com/play_multiversehttp://www.playmultiverse.com/
Newman’s Indonesia’s first digital health clinic for menhttps://newmans.id/
nextmv Dev platform for quickly building and testing logistics algorithms.https://nextmv.io/
Nexu Platform automating car financing at car dealerships in Latin America with $450K in monthly net revenue and growing at 30% per month. Nexu is rebuilding car finance with its platform that has dynamic credit scoring and approves loans in seconds.https://www.nexu.mx/
Nimbus Nimbus is making small electric vehicles for deliveries in emerging marketshttp://www.ridenimbus.com/
nplex biosciences nplex uses nanotechnology to measure proteins at scale.https://www.nplexbio.com/
NUMI Import marketplace for Africahttp://numi.supply/
Ochre Bio Genomic medicines that rejuvenate transplanted livers.https://www.ochre-bio.com/
Oda Oda streamlines access to residential property transactions through a new data infrastructure. We allow RE investors and startups to find and manage opportunities conveniently. Standardized and up-to-date listings of all markets in a single platform.https://www.odaportal.com/
onetool With onetool startups get all the software they need to run their business with just one single subscription: Access to 60+ tools, one invoice, and one centralized login/provisioning.https://onetool.co/
Ophelia Medication & support to beat opioid addiction from homehttps://meetophelia.com/
Orbiter ML models to detect business metric abnormalitieshttp://www.getorbiter.com/
Pahamify College entrance test preparation App for students in Indonesiahttps://pahamify.com/
Paneau Tablets inside Uber/Lyfts to advertise directly to ridershttps://paneau.io/
Pantheon Pantheon is a competitive community of the brightest students in the world.https://www.joinpantheon.io/
Pashi Pashi builds software to help large manufacturers operate and optimize their production lines. Our system allows industrial engineers to design, monitor, and iterate on production processes using a lego-like GUI.https://pashi.com/
PillarPlus We are building a software application that automatically creates blueprints of plumbing, electrical, air conditioning mandatorily required for the construction of a building.https://pillarplus.com/
Pilot Pilot helps companies pay remote team members. We take care of payroll, benefits and compliance when hiring contractors in over 130 countries around the world.https://pilot.co/
PostEra Medicinal Chemistry as a Service powered by Machine Learninghttp://www.postera.ai/
PostHog Open source product analytics. Self hosted, full underlying data access. Automatic event data capture.https://www.posthog.com/
Pulley Pulley helps companies manage their cap tables. Use our platform to issue employee & investor equity and maintain accurate ownership records as your company scales.https://pulley.com/
Raycast Speed up non-coding tasks for engineering teamshttps://raycast.com/
Refund Giant Fast, easy VAT (tax) refunds for touristshttps://www.refundgiant.com/
Release Staging environments as a servicehttps://www.releaseapp.io/
Riot Security Practical phishing training for your team.https://tryriot.com/
Riya Collective Riya Collective is building the first global marketplace for ethnic goods, starting with renting Indian clothing for wedding guests in the UShttp://riyacollective.com/
RoboTire Robotire is automating vehicle maintenance for today and future autonomous vehicles with robot and software starting with tire changing in which we can do a set of 4 tires in 10 minutes from pull in to pull out.http://www.robotire.com/
Rosebud AI Software generated photos for advertising and marketing.http://rosebud.ai/
Savvy Savvy is a platform that enables SMBs and startups to offer a new kind of health insurance. 70% of small businesses can’t offer health insurance today. With Savvy, businesses can now offer tax-free stipends towards employees’ individual health plans.https://www.gosavvy.com/
Sayana Mental wellness app, with chat-based sessions and in-app community.https://sayana.app/get
Scout Dead simple CI/CD for machine learning teams.http://scout.ml/
Segmed High quality data for medical research, starting with AI Radiology.https://segmed.ai/
SEND Flexport for Africa – Digital Freight forwarder and Customs Broker.https://www.send.ng/
Simple Strips Low-cost blood glucose test strips scanned with a smartphone camera instead of a dedicated monitor.https://simplestrips.com/
Skypher Cybersecurity compliance in a boxhttps://skypher.co/
SnackThis SnackThis is a collaborative motion design tool that runs in the browser (like Figma, for animated designs). It enables any designer to produce typographic effects for videos, animated illustrations for websites, and interface animations for apps.https://snackthis.co/
Snapboard https://snapboard.io/
SOMATIC Bathroom cleaning robots for office buildings. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLKC4gYsDLAhttp://getsomatic.com/
Spenny Acorns for India. Every time you swipe you make a digital transaction, we round up the amount to the nearest 10 INR and invest it for you, automatically.http://spennyapp.com/
Stark Bank Bank for tech companies in Brazilhttps://starkbank.com/
StayQrious StayQrious helps kids in India learn through online group classes, starting with coding.https://stayqrious.com/
Stryve Async short form video phone screens and reference checkshttp://stryve.io/
Sweeps Sweeps makes any website 40% faster with a single line of code, by optimizing how it loads third-party tools. This results in 2x conversion rates and better SEO rankings.https://sweeps.ai/
Swipe Brex for Africa. First credit card for African SMBs.http://getswipe.com/
Synapsica Healthcare https://synapsica.com/
Syndetic Shopify for datahttps://www.getsyndetic.com/
TagMango TagMango is a marketplace to book personalized video shoutouts from your favourite influencers and celebrities. It’s Cameo for India.https://www.tagmango.com/
Taiv A box that lets businesses replace commercials in live TV with their own content.https://taiv.tv/
Tajir Marketplace for mom-and-pop stores in Pakistan to buy inventory.https://tajir.app/
Talyn Air Long range, electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft.http://www.talyn.co/
Tambua Health We are developing a device – ” called T-Sense”, that uses sound to take a picture of the lungs, like an x-ray but with sound instead of radiationhttps://www.tambuahealth.com/
Teleo Teleoperated heavy construction equipmenthttp://www.teleo.ai/
Termii Termii is Twilio for Africa.https://termii.com/
Terusama http://terusama.com/
The Mercer Club The Mercer Club is a subscription service that allows men to rent luxury streetwear and sneakers to go out on the weekends. We’re building a circular system for all luxury goods.https://www.themercerclubnyc.com/
Thunderpod Social Fitness App where content is consumed in the form of challenges!https://www.thunderpod.com/
Tienda Dólar Tienda Dólar is a digital foreign exchange platform which allows users to convert ARS into USD and therefore protect people’s & corporate savings.https://www.tiendadolar.com.ar/
ToDesktop ToDesktop is an all-in-one platform for building and releasing desktop apps. We save companies months of development time by handling code signing, auto-updates, and native installers for Windows, Mac and Linux.https://www.todesktop.com/
Together Together is a privacy-first social app created by the former viral growth lead of Instagramhttps://together.community/
Trimwire Trimwire builds spend management software for startups to maximize their runway.https://trimwire.com/
TrueNorth TrueNorth gives truckers a single place to manage their business.http://www.truenorthfleet.com/
Trustle Trustle gives parents of young children a dedicated expert in child development.https://www.trustle.com/
Turing Labs Inc. Turing AI finds an optimal mix of ingredients from millions of combinations in minutes to help consumer packaged goods (CPG) develop better product formulations faster.http://www.turingsaas.com/
UrbanKisaan Urbankisaan builds vertical farms in India and sells the produce via a subscription based app.https://www.urbankisaan.com/
Valienta Valienta software makes it easy for any retailer to create, manage and deploy direct selling teams in Latin America. The channel already sells $27 Billions worth of goods through a sales force of 13 million sellers aided by no software.https://valienta.com/
Virgil Insurance Virgil Insurance is a tech enabled healthcare brokerage selling Medicare products to seniors.https://www.virgilinsurance.com/
Visual One AI for security camerashttps://www.visualone.tech/
Viya Mobile first apartment rentals for LatAmhttp://www.viyaliving.com/
Vori Vori is a b2b wholesale app that streamlines ordering for supermarkets and wholesalers.https://www.vori.com/
Weav Platform for hiring teams to record, transcribe and analyze candidate interviews.https://weav.co/
Whatnot Buy & Sell Authentic Collectibleshttps://www.whatnot.com/
WorkPay Gusto for Africa.https://myworkpay.com/
Yassir Yassir is the leading Super App for French Speaking Africa targeting a population of 430M across 29 countries and a >> $10B market opportunity.https://yassir.io/
yBANQ yBANQ is building a Bill.com for India to simplify collections and reconciliation for large B2B businesseshttps://ybanq.com/
yearend Optimize your equity and taxes in real-time.http://yearend.com/
ZeFi ZeFi is a high yield USD denominated savings account that gives users up to 7% APY on their deposits globally. Users can send money to each other for free and spend it using a card.https://zefi.io/
Zelos A multi-game rewards program that allows gamers to earn points across different games and redeem in-game prizes.https://zelos.gg/
Zeo Auto Fleet management and tracking software for India’s commercial vehicleshttp://www.zeoauto.com/
Zumo Labs We use game engines to generate synthetic data for computer vision models. Diverse, unbiased, high-quality data, free of privacy concerns, and lots of it.http://www.zumolabs.ai/
Zynq Enterprise calendar built for efficient schedulinghttps://zynq.io/

Source: YCombinator