Growth-hack learnings from Clubhouse

  • Ease of content creation: Clubhouse is a content-first forum where people generate content by only speaking, the simplest and most productive method of talking to the crowd, the same relates to Tik Tok and the similar short-video creation apps.
  • Fear of Missing out: With all the social media posts and the invite-only rush to enter a potential rocketship of content delivery and stuff, the fear of missing out drives the people to find means to join the exclusive platform, often by asking around for an entry, in their social community.
  • Endorsements: Clubhouse was endorsed by celebrities such as that from tech startups, Hollywood, venture capitalists, music, sports, and others who helped clubhouse create confidence and reach out to more users on a scale.
  • Exclusivity: Clubhouse members can only use the service with an invitation, or else join the waiting list. Without an invitation, the users would not be able to join this service and thus begins the viral cycle of posting of asking for invitations to peers on social media. It functions as a loop since, preferably, each new user continues the procedure of inviting a new group of users, and so on. If one current user allows two new users to invite two new users each, you can end up with a formula for effectively viral growth. Scarcity is an effective motivator. Google did this for Inbox, sharing a small range of invitations for the initial download. Invites build a feeling of exclusivity as people have to ask their friends for an invitation. And it makes existing users feel powerful: they’re the hip early adopters who have what other people like.

    The clubhouse app has been released on iOS only which further makes it exclusive for only a set of users.
  • Social status: With all of the above occurring, users who have been given access already feel like being exclusive and therefore like to share their experience with the community, allowing other users to join the app as they too want to gain social value.

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